New semester, new projects, new people!

The fall semester is undoubtedly one of the busiest on campus. A hectic time of new students and teaching courses following the down time of summer. After a eventful summer of travel to Winnipeg for the annual CSZ meeting and to Gothenberg, Sweden for the SEB meeting (a first for me!), I came back to the start of the fall semester by welcoming 2 new MSc students, Ivan Cadonic and Nathan Bennoit. Heather also successfully switch to a PhD in the summer and is starting a new area of research for the Craig lab involving eDNA assessment in the Grand River. The lab additionally welcomed 3 new undergraduate thesis students – Shivan, Chelsea, and Vanesa, who will be joined by Rhiannon starting in January. It’s a busy time for the Craig lab, and I hope to post more exciting news in the coming weeks and months!

Our first outing in Alder Creek to assess for trout species for the new eDNA project.

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