New semester, new projects, new people!

The fall semester is undoubtedly one of the busiest on campus. A hectic time of new students and teaching courses following the down time of summer. After a eventful summer of travel to Winnipeg for the annual CSZ meeting and to Gothenberg, Sweden for the SEB meeting (a first for me!), I came back to the start of the fall semester by welcoming 2 new MSc students, Ivan Cadonic and Nathan Bennoit. Heather also successfully switch to a PhD in the summer and is starting a new area of research for the Craig lab involving eDNA assessment in the Grand River. The lab additionally welcomed 3 new undergraduate thesis students – Shivan, Chelsea, and Vanesa, who will be joined by Rhiannon starting in January. It’s a busy time for the Craig lab, and I hope to post more exciting news in the coming weeks and months!

Our first outing in Alder Creek to assess for trout species for the new eDNA project.

The Craig lab heads South!

This past November the Craig lab headed down south to sunny Orlando Florida for the 37th North American SETAC conference. Hossein presented a poster on his MSc research: “Multi-stressor impacts on fish energetics: A comparison between lab and field studies”. Heather also presented a poster on her initial MSc work: “Multi-stressor impacts on the development and maintenance of epigenetic regulation in larval and adult zebrafish (Danio rerio). I presented a platform presentation on collaborative work with Andrew Doxey and my former undergraduate student Chris Kuc: “Rainbow trout exposed to B[a]P yields conserved microRNA binding sites in DNA methyltransferases across 500 million years of evolution”. Overall it was a successful event establishing new connections and catching up with old friends. Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the highlights of attending a conference in Orlando…particularly the theme parks and amazing resturants. In particular the Craig lab ventured to Iron chef Morimoto’s Asia restaurant in Disney Springs – absolutely amazing food, especially the A-5 wagyu beef!

Craig Lab heads to Rice lake!

Heather Ikert presenting her poster.

Recently, The Craig lab headed to the 25th Annual Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry workshop at Elmhirst resort in Keene, Ontario. It was another fantastic weekend of great talks by budding new scientists and little fun in the snow as well. Hossein did his first presentation “Multi-stressor impacts on fish energetics: from pharmaceutical contaminants to climate change., while Chris and Heather presented posters entitled “Exploring microRNA effects on DNA methyl transferases in response to Benzo(A)Pyrene exposure in rainbow trout” and “Multi-stressor approach: Effects of pharmaceuticals and climate change stressors on microRNA abundance in reproductive tissue of zebrafish”, respectively.  Looking forward to organize next years event with the Katzenback lab!